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Are you a homeowner in Gahanna, New Albany, or Johnstown facing Mold, Water, or Fire Damage, or Need Air Quality Services?

Don’t let these issues rob you of your peace of mind. Restoration Ohio is here to restore your home to its former glory. We understand the heartache, stress, and confusion homeowners experience during these challenging times. 

Our Expert Services Include:

  • Mold Removal: Say goodbye to harmful mold and ensure a healthy living environment.
  • Water Damage Restoration: Quick response and professional solutions to bring back the sanctity of your home.
  • Fire Damage Restoration: We’ll restore, and revitalize your space, making it safe once more.
  • Moisture Control: Keep unwanted moisture at bay, ensuring the longevity of your property.
  • Odor Control: Freshen up your home and eliminate persistent, unwanted smells.
  • Air Duct Cleaning: Breathe easier and improve the overall air quality in your home.


Mold Removal

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Moisture Control

Odor Control

Duct Cleaning

Restoration Ohio’s commitment to providing tailored, high-quality services in each of these cities ensures that every restoration project not only meets the specific needs of the area but also preserves the unique character and charm of each community.

Gahanna, OH: In Gahanna, Restoration Ohio understands the importance of preserving the city’s natural beauty while tackling property restoration. Our team is adept at mold removal and moisture control, crucial in the lush environment of Gahanna, especially near Big Walnut Creek. We specialize in water damage restoration, ensuring that properties affected by the city’s weather conditions are promptly and efficiently restored, maintaining the suburban charm. Additionally, our expertise in odor control and air duct cleaning is vital for homes and businesses looking to maintain a fresh, clean environment in this rapidly developing area.

We have completed many residential and commercial services in Gahanna (including dryer vent cleaning at a Cintas facility annually).

New Albany, OH: At Restoration Ohio, we are well-versed in aligning with New Albany’s architectural uniformity and high standards. We provide expert fire damage restoration services, ensuring that any affected property is restored to match the city’s distinctive Georgian style. Understanding the rapid growth of New Albany, our team is prepared for quick and efficient water damage restoration, crucial for the city’s development pace. At Restoration Ohio we also excel in moisture control in basements and crawl spaces, preserving the integrity of the city’s planned communities. Our services in air duct cleaning and odor control are essential for maintaining the high quality of living that New Albany residents are accustomed to.

We completed many residential and commercial projects (high dusting at a new factory and air duct cleaning at an existing factory in New Albany’s Beauty Park).

Johnstown, OH: In the historic city of Johnstown, Restoration Ohio prides itself on its sensitive approach to property restoration. We specialize in restoring fire-damaged properties, ensuring that the historical integrity of the buildings is maintained while incorporating modern safety standards. Our expertise in mold removal is particularly valuable in preserving the longevity of Johnstown’s older structures. The team at Restoration Ohio is also skilled in moisture control, a crucial service for maintaining the health and stability of historic buildings. Furthermore, odor control and air duct cleaning services play a significant role in enhancing the indoor air quality of these historic properties, ensuring they remain safe and comfortable for their occupants.

We have completed many residential projects and several commercial projects (duct cleaning at a pot growing facility!).

We Understand

We understand how distressing it can be when your home suffers damage, whether it’s from a burst pipe, a fire outbreak, or an unpleasant odor that refuses to go away. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing swift, effective, and empathetic service to homeowners.

Ready to Reclaim your home?

Don’t let damage rob you of the comfort and safety of your home. Take the first step towards restoring your home.

Why Trust Restoration Ohio?

Local Expertise: We know Gahanna, New Albany, and Johnstown inside out. Our solutions are tailor-made for homeowners in these cities.

Rapid Response: When you’re in distress, every minute counts. Our team is always on standby.


Trained Technicians: Ensuring quality, efficiency, and safety in every project we handle.


High-Quality Work: We don’t just restore, we bring your home back to its original condition

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“Every home has a story, and each challenge it faces is but a chapter. At Restoration Ohio, we’re committed to ensuring that every story has a happy ending. As a fellow resident of this beautiful region, I understand the value of home and health. Trust us to treat your home as we would our own, restoring not just walls and floors, but peace of mind. Let’s rebuild together.”